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  1. Disney to launch 25 stores inside Target nationwide on October 4  Reuters

    Walt Disney Co and Target Corp announced a collaboration on Sunday that will open 25 Disney stores inside select Target locations nationwide on Oct. 4, with...

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  2. I'm 24 and I let a financial planner see my spending habits. It was terrifying, at first  USA TODAY

    At 24, after graduating from a master's program, I'm struggling to figure out how to spend responsibly and save for the things that matter to me.

  3. S&P 500 Futures Slide as Traders Struggle to Price In Trade War  Yahoo Finance

    (Bloomberg) -- Equity futures tumbled as trading resumed Sunday, with investors struggling with the increasingly complex task of assessing the impact of a trade...

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  4. After a Southwest flight was delayed, agents held a contest for the worst driver's license photo  CNN

    For travelers, there are few things more annoying than a delayed flight. But one Southwest traveler says the airline made a recent three-hour delay more...

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  5. US tech industry sees growing wave of employee activism  Fox News

    Despite six-figure salaries and unlimited vacation time, many tech workers are questioning the effects of their work and joining forces with their more precarious...